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How to grant access to an AFS directory

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Problem Summary: How to grant access to an AFS directory
Solution Summary: Use the fs sa command to grant access to AFS directory
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Last Modified: 08/14/2012 8:23am
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How do you allow someone access to a file in your account so
they can copy it?


With the AFS file system (what we use here at NC State), you give
permissions to directories, not specific files. The commands to grant
someone access to one of your directories is:

   cd                        (change to your home directory)

   fs sa . someones_login l  (give someone rights to see the directories
                              in your home file space)
   fs sa directory_name someones_login rl  (give someone rights to see
                                            the directories and file in
                                            the named directory)
This gives the person whose login is "someones_login" read access to
files in the directory named "directory_name", which is assumed to be
subdirectory in your home file space. 
The permissions are as followd:

  r = read (reading file contents)
  l = look (listing files in the directory)
  i = insert (creating new files in a directory)
  d = delete (removing files from directories) 
  k = flock (UNIX flock() file locking)
  w = write (writing to/in existing files)
  a = admin (administrative privileges)

To view the list of login names with access to a directory, use the command:

   fs la  directory_name  (use "." for current directory)

Additional information about AFS permissions can be found in the
Eos Guide at:


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