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Establishing an email alias

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Problem Summary: Establishing an email alias
Solution Summary: How to establish an email alias
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What is an email alias, and how do I get one?


An e-mail alias provides an easy to remember alternative e-mail address that in
turn points to the real physical address where people read their e-mail. The
actual e-mail address may change, but the alias can be updated to point to a new
address. E-mail aliases at NC State are created typically in the form Personal aliases are always this format.
The "" part is required, and must be that way. 
A personal alias must be name based.

We make an entry in a database here, and do an automatic lookup
when mail arrives. It is then forwarded to your real email address. If
you change mail systems, we change the data base, and everything else
still works as before for your collegues who use your alias as your
email address.

Does this sound like something you are interested in? If so, please
specify what you would like for your alias to be. You can make your
request via email by sending an email message to:

We will need to know the following information:

- the alias you would like to have (usually
- your actual full Internet email address
- what department you are affiliated with

Currently, this service is only available to faculty, staff and
graduate students.

Notification will be returned to you via email informing you of when it will
take affect.

E-mail aliases for individuals remain valid as long as account is active or
until the alias is discontinued by account holder.
E-mail aliases for organizations must be renewed annually.


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