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This page highlights some of the services supported by the NC State University Help Desk that are available to all University computing users.

Gmail @ NC State
The Office of Information Technology is happy to announce that Google Apps @ NC State is now the official e-mail provider for NC State students!

Web Registry
Web Registry allows you to interact with multiple services from a central place, making it easy for you to keep tabs on what you own. You can request new services and manage existing ones, interact with service-administrators, cancel things you aren't using anymore, and renew the ones you need.

Email Lists
OIT uses the Majordomo Listserv to maintain email lists created by clients on campus. Staff, Faculty and Students are eligible to create and own mailing lists and can request one by visiting the main list site at:

Sysnews is used to provide information about information technology systems at NC State, including upcoming system outages, emergencies and other service changes. Although at first glance, this resource seems targetted towards system administrators, all users can benefit from knowing the state of their computing environment, and should make SysNews a regular part of their computing day.

Kaspersky Antivirus
NC State University has entered into a license agreement with Kaspersky to provide their antivirus (Windows & Mac) software to all faculty, staff, and students free of charge. This license extends not only to university-owned equipment, but to personal computers at home as well. Univeristy Policy requires the use of an approved antivirus product for all Windows and Macintosh computers connected to the NCSU network, so users would be well-advised to use these products on all of their computers.

The Flyspace initiative provides a technology-rich, but not overpowering, space for students and staff to meet and collaborate. Open online registration makes it easy to see and reserve space.

OIT public computing labs
OIT (Office of Information Technology) supports nine public Unity computing labs, which are open to all NC State students, faculty and staff who have active Unity/Eos accounts.


West Dunn Bldg.

101 West Dunn Building
On the corner of Dan Allen Dr. and Thurman Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27695
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Contact Information

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