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Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are the ones that our customers have indicated are most useful. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please consult our Knowledgebase search at the top of the page.
1. Shibboleth Authentication Error: This service requires cookies.
  Solution: Always start your login session by visiting the URL of the resource you are trying to use.
2. Accidently deleted a file from my AFS home directory
  Solution: Restore a copy from your AFS backup volume
3. How to publish my own home page
  Solution: How to publish your own home page
4. My account has been disabled, how do I get it re-enabled?
  Solution: The different terms and procedures for account reactivation
5. I removed a file accidentally from my locker!! How do I get it back?
  Solution: Restore a copy from your locker backup volume
6. Unity Password Sync Instructions
  Solution: Unity Password Sync Instructions
7. How to grant access to an AFS directory
  Solution: Use the fs sa command to grant access to AFS directory
8. Can I forward my NCSU gmail to another address?
  Solution: How to forward NCSU email.
9. How do I get my computer into Safe Mode?
  Solution: Instructions for booting Windows and Mac computers into Safe Mode
10. I can no longer connect to FTP, what do I need to do?
  Solution: Secure FTP Connection Instructions
11. Can not connect to the Remedy server through a firewall
  Solution: How to configure the Remedy client to work through a firewall
12. How do I make a secure shell connection to NC State from off campus?
  Solution: How to make a secure shell connection to NC State from off campus
13. How do I change my Remedy login password
  Solution: Change Remedy login passwords under the "User" form
14. What is a Unity account, and how do I get one?
  Solution: All about Eos/Unity accounts and passwords
15. How do Remedy notifications work?
  Solution: How to specify notifications for your Remedy workgroup


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